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The Washington Jaycees (Junior Chamber) gives young people between the ages of 18 and 40 the tools they need to build the bridges of success for themselves in the areas of business development, management skills, individual training, community service, and international connections.


The Washington Jaycees are affiliated with JCI (Junior Chamber International).  JCI is a membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world.  Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us.  We seek targeted solutions to the unique problems in our communities to build a better world, creating global impact.

Vision statement reads:  'To be the leading global network of active young citizens.'

Mission statement reads:  'To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.'

Please also check out the About JCI page for more information and videos.



Pasco Jaycees, Haunted Forest
Dates:  October 10-11, 17-18, 24-25
October 31-November 1
Sacajawea State Park, Pasco, WA
Contact Tracy Kessler for more information

Washington Jaycees, Year End Convention / L.O.T.S.
Date and Location: February 7-8, 2015 (tentatively)
Ellengsburg, WA
Contact Kendra B. Demuth 
for more info

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website or Facebook page*

Chapter General Membership Meetings

Second Tuesday of each month  
 First Thursday of each month

 Dates are fluctuating for the remainder
of the year, please contact
for more information

Second Monday of each month

Washington Jaycees,

I am proud to be the State President of such a great organization especially after just coming off of our Annual Meeting in Renton hosted by the Seattle Jaycees.  They did a totally tubular job taking us back to the 80’s where we Named Those 80’s tunes, dressed up sporting side pony tails, short skirts, torn shirts, bright colors and lots of cheek makeup.  That organized awesome Secretary of the Seattle Jaycees, Megan Farmer worked her magic and made sure everything was arranged.   The convention committee Jake Winkler, Karen Letourneau and Madalyn Lutsch brought you the decorations with cassette tapes included.  Great Job Seattle Jaycees on a very fun and professional convention!  Thank you Sentaor Candy Starowski for helping with registration and all of the great things you do for us!

Congratulations to all of the new Jaycees that attended their first convention that participated in the Frist Timers Program!  Cassie Ahlgren from Pasco, Dustin Black, Joalie Cruz, and Courtney Ahlgren from the Seattle Jaycees.  We also have potential Wenatchee Jaycee members Reynaldo Carmargo and Michael Kinder.  After a tight race of getting signatures, talking to everyone at the hotel (Jaycees and non-Jaycees) and writing very heartfelt essays, Courtney Ahlgren was the winner!  Also great to meet new Jaycees Amanda Griffith, Kaiya Hunsaker and Charlie Griffith.  It is a great group of “baby” Jaycees!

Let’s not forget about the awesome training!  I mean WOW!  Siomara Ruiz, newly JCI trainer presented IMPACT training – Great Job!  If any chapter is willing to have her come do IMPACT at your chapter, contact her or State IDVP Tracy Kessler for training ideas.  Matt Booth was “out of this world” and talked to us about the importance of engagement, eye contact, body language and the power of a smile.  Also, we all know we have the abilities to do anything we set out minds too!  Jaycees I truly believe that and look forward to seeing what each and every one of you will accomplish.

Thank you to the Senators for their guidance and support this year!  It is reassuring to know that help is there.  Thank you for providing the hospitality and Name that 80s tune!    Thank you all that came out to support us this weekend:  Bev Briskey, Dan Harries, Pam Jahnke, Ketra and Jay Stumpf, Carolyn and Lance Ahlgren, Candy Starowski, Jill Camp, Shelly Hempleman, Sherri Hess, Bob Havens, Tara Winkler, Linda Smith and Larry Olson.

It is fantastic to announce that the Washington Jaycees have had 12 months of continuous growth.  We are growing.  Although I didn’t have to sport the WSU Cougar jersey, I am up for more challenges!  Remember what I said on Sunday morning – get your EGO on!  Means Everyone Gets ONE!  Be working on your one and let’s finish 2014 strong.  Thank you again to the 2nd quarter recruitersJacob Winkler, Amanda Griffith, Madalyn Lutsch, Jessie Blakeman, Megan Farmer and Tara Winkler.

Congratulations to all of the 2nd Trimester Award Winners:

Presidential Awards of Honor:  Kyle Monk (Pasco), Jacob Winkler (Seattle) Karen Letourneau (Seattle), and the Pasco Jaycees.

Rookie:  Jessie Blakeman, Seattle


Outstanding Local Officer:  Fernando Galvan, Pasco Jaycees


Recruitment:  Seattle Jaycees


State Staff:  Megan Farmer


Project:  Seattle Jaycees Food Lifeline

I am already looking forward to how we are going to finish this year and can’t wait to give out 3rd Trimester and Year End Awards at the next convention in Ellensburg tentatively scheduled the weekend of February 7-8, 2015.  Mark your calendars because there will be trainings, competitions, awards, announcement of new officers, first timers, and lots of fun too!


Let me know when your meetings are and your upcoming projects because I want to be there!  We are in the final stretches of the race and it is the most important because no one remembers the race but how it was finished!  How will you finish your year?

Yours in Jaycees,


Kendra B. Demuth

Proud Washington Jaycee 75th State President






The United States Junior Chamber continues to work with the American Cancer Society.  Since 2007, the Jaycees have raised over $1,000,000.00 for the American Cancer Society.  Relay For Life CELEBRATES those who have beat cancer, REMEMBERS those who have lost the battle and FIGHTS BACK until a cure is found.

To register your team and show your Jaycee Pride as a Non Corporate Partner with the American Cancer Society, it is very easy to get started.

Speak with your local Chapter President or the State President for more information.  Or you can visit the US Jaycees Relay for Life Page HERE

Click on Find a Relay, and search by zip code or City and State to find the RFL that your team wishes to participate in.

  • Once you have found your event, click on the blue "event website" link
  • Select Sign Up
  • Select Start a Team
  • Enter your Team Name.  Please Use your Chapter Name and two letter state code in your team name (Example "Your City, State Jaycees")
  • Next, VERY IMPORTANT STEP, Click the Team/Company Organization Drop down box, scroll down and select JAYCEES
  • Continue through the registration process....and save.  In order for your team to show immediately on the USJC/RFL website, please make a minimum of a $15.00 donation.  (Even though your team is registered it will not show online until your first online donation is received)
  • Please make a print screen of your registration confirmation, for future reference if needed.


You are now registered to FIGHT BACK with ACS and the US Jaycees.  Your team will be viewable through your local RFL event website and on the US Jaycees/RFL Non Corporate Team Page.  The best additional reporting is required for US Jaycees, all online donations are tracked automatically through the website.  Offline donations are also reported to your USJC RFL Program Manager on a regular basis.  Of course teams are encouraged to verify their information from time to time and report any discrepancies or ask any questions...anytime!

The next step...encourage your team members to go online and register too.  Follow the same steps but select, join a team.

You can fundraise directly through your team site, team members can email friends and family, personalize their individual pages, and share their fundraising efforts with their Facebook Friends.

Banners will be available this year on a limited basis and will be available for teams who are registered on the USJC/RFL website and are actively fundraising only.  These banners are recyclable and are the same as last year.  If your team already has a banner and it is in good condition, please do not request a new one.

Please be sure to take photos at your Relay Fundraisers and Events.  Photos and stories can be submitted to your USJC Relay PM. Chapters are also encouraged to submit their stories to the US Jaycees Magazine.

The US Jaycees are committed to FIGHTING BACK alongside the American Cancer Society.  We ARE making a difference and saving lives together!!